4 Year Old Declan States "I'm scared when my night light goes out too!"

Such a wonderful book! I received this book and nightlight as a gift for my children from my Aunt! I just finished reading it with my 4 year old son Declan. We love it! It was very relateable for him, “I’m scared when my nightlight goes out too” he said. We just recently lost our Uncle and Grandfather, he knows they are in Heaven, so the part of the book that explained a bit what Heaven is like, he really enjoyed! We’ve just sat here the past half hour and had an amazing talk! Me and him.....From can we take a rocket ship to heaven....to is God a magician and he helped you make me! Lol! Then him looking above and out the window to talk to God and his grandfather he just lost. It’s the first time he’s really talked about it since he passed away. 
Thank you for such an amazing book that led to a talk with my child that I will cherish and never forget!! He’s going to let me know tomorrow what he wants to fill in on the last page, of ways to make his God light bright... he has to really think about it he said! Lol!
Thank you again!
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