About Us

  • To shift our focus from what divides us to what connects us.

  • To have children understand love is not only a noun; it's a verb.

  • When our love is in motion we are connected to God and one another, we are happier beings. 



A Message from the Author

"This simple story line serves two purposes. First, being afraid of the dark is a very common childhood fear that almost all children can relate to. Second, kids think quite literally. So, in using a night light, they have a tangible image in their mind when I explain the abstract concept of their God light inside of them. It is my hope that this book conveys the following messages. First, we are all created by God. Second, God is made of light and love. Third, we all have a piece of His light inside of us and it is what connects us all. Fourth, when we are kind to one another it makes us feel good because we are feeling that connection. Fifth, we can also feel safe and protected by His light and love".

-Christine Banker



-Dave Messing, Illustrator

Dave Messing lives in Michigan. He is a noted advertising designer, illustrator, and teacher whose work has been featured on television, billboards, film, national magazines and in print. His latest venture is illustrating many award-winning children's books.

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